Season of Atonement


Every day we do not realize what we take for granted. Most of us do not recognize daily what God has given us such food, money, shelter, family, friends, clothing, etc. Whether it be big or little, we tend to overlook the blessing in disguise and Who it all came from. Let me submit to you that we, the children of God, do not give proper thanksgiving and gratitude to our Creator on a daily basis as we should. In addition, we often get carried away in our thoughts, words, and actions without realizing that perhaps we may have hurt someone with them. Maybe we’ve committed a sin and have buried it deep into our soul to never be uncovered or revealed. Perhaps we’ve unintentionally sinned in the past and don’t quite know how to deal with it.

My friends, now is the time, this is the season to make atonement for your known or unknown sins. This is the time to be humble before your friends, your family, and most importantly, before God. He sees all and knows all every single day. What you don’t want to uncover, He knows it’s there and He wants it to come to the surface so you can be healed and no longer carry that burden. Reveal your weaknesses, be vulnerable unto your King. We are imperfect human beings. We make mistakes every single day. Can you even wrap your mind around the fact that an ultimate sacrifice has already been made to cover every single sin you’ve ever intentionally or unintentionally committed? Do we take that for granted too? Do we reason that if we just make one tiny mistake that God’s grace will cover it? Does that make it okay?

It is not okay to sin and reason with yourself that God’s grace is right there to forgive you every time. This is called abusing the “grace card”, in my opinion! There was much pain and suffering that went into making that sacrifice on our behalf. The least we can do is honor it with everything in our being. The least we can do is take some time, not on just one day of the year, but every day, to pray and ask for forgiveness. We can pray and thank God for the sacrifice He made for us so that we could live forever with Him. We can be humble and leave the burden of our prideful ways behind us so that we can walk forward with a clean heart and mind and a renewed soul and spirit. Don’t we want to be closer to Him? Burying sins only leads us further away from him. Let us come to Him during this season of repentance with a humble heart, longing to be clean and pure before our King. Let us fast from the things that bring us pleasure and remember the sacrificial love that was poured out. Let us sacrifice anything and everything that would ultimately bring us pleasure and allow God to purge us of any impurities so that we may be made pure again! Then, let us rejoice because of His favor, mercy, and forgiveness! We can strive to live holy and set apart lives as if He’s right next to us watching our every move and listening to our every word. Our vulnerability brings Him joy, because it allows Him to work on us. We all could use some fixing, tweaking and healing. When we give Him that vulnerability, we will in return receive much blessing, healing, purity and growth.

Here’s My Heart

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