My Prayer Today

This is my prayer and I think it should be yours also:

Dear Heavenly Father I come before You right now and thank You for the giving of Your spirit. I ask that You would forgive me of my sin and help me to honor You more and more each day. Keep me in the shadow of Your wings, and help me to stay focused on what You have for me and my future. I know that You have ordained my path, and I trust You with what has been laid before me. I pray that You would help me to press forward in honesty, humility, transparency, Love and Truth. Help me to always put You first. Let me not be selfish in my ways, oh God, but help me to return to others what You have given to me. You are holy, You are righteous. There is none higher than You, my God. Abba Father, reach out Your mighty hand of healing to raise up the sick, renew dead souls, and restore broken hearts. Raise up Your disciples, Lord, so that we can be a light unto the nations. Protect the abused children, wrap Your arms around the orphaned. Save the unborn children, bless the broken mothers. You are the miracle Maker, You have the power to redeem. Rise us up, Oh God, teach us Your holy Ways. Help me to hide Your Word into my heart, and walk it out daily. I want to be faithful in Your sight. I NEED to fulfill my destiny so that You, Abba, can call me Your good and faithful servant; so that YOU can be blessed and pleased. Your achievements need to be my achievements. Your will needs to be my will. What I want and desire does not matter in this life. All I want and desire is for You to take over, for You to have control, and for You to be the center and sole purpose of my life. I know, God, and choose to believe that I am worthy in your sight. I choose to believe that You love me, that I have a purpose. Thank you for all that You do for me and my family. I may not feel You moving right now in this moment, but I choose to walk in faith and believe that You are ALWAYS working on my behalf to keep me safe, to keep me pure, and out of the enemy’s way. And when the enemy does come, I choose to believe that when those tests and trials come, I am made stronger and a better person through the process, which is what I want. I need to have the mindset of always trying to better myself, always striving to be a better person. So thank you, God, for helping me and teaching me to do more and be more. I love you, God.

My Prayer For You

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