W.O.W. – Warm, Omnipresent Wonder

I want to start off by saying that whatever I write during this post is not planned, outlined, or real thought out. It will come completely from the title of this blog – within the heart. Some things that friends and family have shared with me today has got me thinking. Now if anyone knows me, they would know me to be more of a thinker than a talker. I definitely feel more comfortable sharing my thoughts on paper than I do to someone’s face. I love the concept of “thinking before you speak”. Now, there have been plenty of times that I haven’t thought before I spoke, and truly regretted it. Hasn’t that happened to us all? 😉 But when I am able to truly ponder on things, ideas, and perspectives, the Holy Spirt reveals things to me in ways that leaves me saying WOW. It leaves me in a state of Warm, Omnipresent Wonder.

Picture yourself inside your warm house on a cold, blustery, winter day. It is overcast, with a wind chill in the negatives. The trees are bare, the grass is dull, and there is no sign of life. You feel depressed just looking out the window. All of the sudden a bright, blue-colored bird comes flying out of the forest, scrounging around looking for food. Then you see a couple of squirrels scurrying up the lifeless trees, before they disappear into their burrow, deep into a hole in the trunk of a maple. Next you see two deer casually walking in the forest, making crackling sounds within the fallen leaves and twigs, and using their senses to check their surroundings. You then think to yourself, “Wow, though it may seem like the forest is completely lifeless and dull, it is actually full of life.” Then you may ponder the question, “How do these animals survive through such harsh weather? Even the fragile, delicate birds survive.”

It truly is amazing, if you think about it, how these animals survive through harsh, cold weather. Many will store up food for hibernation, and some will scrounge around during the night for their food. They already have the knowledge of how to prepare their lives for the worst. So how can we apply this to our lives? Well, let me answer this question with another question. How do we survive when the frozen world enters our life spiritually? When all seems dead and non-existent, when the world around us seems dull and shallow, when your heart feels stone cold and you don’t know how to thaw it … what do we do? Do we choose to just look at it through the window of a “dead, lifeless forest”, or do we look more closely through the window to see the life that dwells within the dark, gloomy, seemingly dead forest. Let me submit to you that God is in EVERYTHING. He IS everything. He dwells in the winter, He dwells in the summer. Wherever you are at right now, He is there. Look at the bigger picture, and not what is right in front of you and what you can see. Sometimes too often we look through the glasses that we created rather than through the glasses that He created for us to look through. He wants us to find Him in every little thing, because He is always there! Whatever walk you are on right now, whether it be dead branches all around or blooming flowers … He is right there with you every step of the way, guiding you (if you let Him), and showing you what to do. In order to overcome the perspective of a frozen, dull world, you have to look at it from His perspective so as to get the big picture. Then you will become full of warm, omnipresent wonder. It will leave you saying, “WOW, God.” Because He is truly a WOW kind of God. 😉

1 thought on “W.O.W. – Warm, Omnipresent Wonder”

  1. I read this last week and read it again today. I don’t want to encourage you to always right without any plans, but wow this is really good.

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