Here I am sitting here listening to a song called “Control” by Tenth Avenue North on repeat, and pondering how amazing it is that the King of Heaven wants me. Through all my failures, through all my mistakes, He still wants me. He doesn’t need me; I need Him! But He wants me. And guess what? He wants you also. Romans 5:8, “But God shows His love for us in that while we were sinners, Christ died for us.”

So what does it mean for the King of Heaven to want you? Well, I believe that we are all called for a purpose. Actually, that’s not just coming from me. It is written in Jeremiah 29 that we are all called according to His good purpose. So when we go through trials and hardships, a frequent question that gets asked is, “God, why me?” I believe that a common response from God that we don’t always hear is, “Well, because my love, I want you. I want you to be closer. I want you to grow stronger.” Sometimes we wonder why He puts us into situations that are so painful, only to realize that it is for His greater plan. We don’t always understand that “greater plan” in the moment. The way I see it, is that if we truly want to live to the fullest potential and be the best that we can be within His eyesight, we have to lay down all of who we are and all of what we feel. This song that’s been on my heart lately that I mentioned earlier talks about how we create plans only for them to shatter and break, and the things that we’ve hoped for fall right through our hands. Why do you think that is?

There are times in our life that we are so much in “control” of what’s going on. Too much control. So the things that you plan, the expectations that you create fall through because you should not be the one in control. Those trials come not to crush and hurt us, but to help us come to the recognition of how far we are supposed to go using our own strength. Sometimes God has to pull the reigns on us a little tighter than we are used to. This makes us uncomfortable. It gets us outside our comfort zone, allowing us to see who is really in control.

Next time you are going through a trial – even the smallest thing – think of how much the Father wants you. Think of how much He wants to draw you closer so that you can further His Kingdom in a more effective way. Think of the freedom that you will feel after you let go of yourself and release the feelings that you allow to overcome. Remember that you have value and worth. Remember that you are wanted by the Most High. He wants to use you for His greater purpose. Heed to His reigns, and be sensitive to His voice. We need Him so that we can make a difference; He wants us so we can complete the purpose of the calling. So now that I’ve listened to this song about a dozen times, let me share it with you! Be blessed!


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