Falling Into Place

     One of the reasons why I love Fall so much is because of it’s beauty. The time of year when you can take a country side drive and look at the breathtaking views of hills and valleys of vibrant, gorgeous trees. The time of season when the air turns crisp, and you make homemade pumpkin pie and eat lots of yummy food with family that you love. But, I believe the most of what I love about the season Fall is this: it reminds me of how lovely it can be to let the dead things go. Now, believe me. I have been through quite a lot over the past few years, and I can assure you it does not feel lovely to “let things go”. I would much rather hold on to things, people, or circumstances, because it is what my flesh feels most comfortable with. But like a tree has to let go of its leaves so that it can reproduce new leaves and fruit come Spring, there are times when we have to let go in order to gain new life. There is a season when we have to just let things fall into its place.

     We are imperfect human beings. We make mistakes, and mess up all the time! We also like to things to be a certain way, and we like to have schedules and make plans, etc. I am definitely a planner, and if things don’t go as planned, it bothers me. Is this how we should be? Let me propose to you that if we are supposed to be living by the Spirit, then we are to flow with the Spirit. If He says the door is not to open, then don’t force it to open. If He says you need to make a move, then proceed to walk forward being sensitive and open to what He’ll have you do or say. My point here is to relay that God is not a planner. He already knows every life event that will take place. He even knows your next thought, and your answer to every question before you speak. And sometimes in order for us to move forward in life, we have to let go of some things (the dead things, such as the past or perhaps the present), so we can gain “new life” and bear good, healthy, sweet fruit.

     Let go of the old, so He can bring the new. Perhaps you’ve asked God, “Why won’t you open this door?”, or, “I’m waiting for you to show me what to do next!” When in reality, God is waiting on you to do less talking and more listening. Perhaps this sounds harsh … hey, I’m just writing what I hear in the Spirit! We should always talk to God. But we should also always be listening. Most of the time we know if we are holding on to something. It just seems to bury itself deeper and deeper over time. The longer you let the old sit inside you, the longer it will take for “Spring” to come. Take this time to clean out your temple! Instead of dwelling on the old, bring it to the surface, and turn it into something beautiful. Look through the lens of how you got where you are today because of that past mistake, person, or place. Look at the beauty within, not the rotting decay. When you do bring it to the surface, and can learn to let it go, what will happen? Your life will begin to fall into its perfect place. He will breathe new life into you in that moment when you let go of the old and ask Him to release you into the new. It’s much easier to hang on to the comfort of the past. It’s harder to bring it to the surface and face the facts. He can’t show you what’s next if you can’t let go. Even when it doesn’t make sense; be obedient, and follow His lead. I can promise you that you will be where you need to be if you humbly let go of whatever is keeping you from reaching your fullest potential within the kingdom of God. There is a time and season for everything. Let this season be a time of release. Pray this prayer with me today:

Heavenly Father I pray that you will help me to find the things that are holding me back from You. I pray that my past will not affect my future in a negative way. You have promised me a life full of hope and prosperity (Jer. 29:11), and I know and believe in Your promises, God. Help me to let go of the old so that I can walk in the new. No matter what season, let me honor You and trust You with my life. I do trust you, God, that my life is falling into its perfect place. Amen. 

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