Come Ye, Little Children

As I’m sitting here at my workplace sipping my coffee and watching little ones nap, I ponder and reflect on life. Life has brought me joyous things and burdensome things. I feel as though I have been through it all. Sometimes when I teach a class, a little one does not listen, or just throws their own fit in front of the whole class, being very disruptive. When such situations arise and I am the teacher involved, I have to control my teacher anger, lol, and have patience with the child. I then try to explain to the child what he or she is doing wrong, and try to involve them into my activity or lesson, making it fun and creative for them so that they will want to participate. Doing this creates the other children to want to have fun and learn even more. I will admittedly say that I have used my “teacher voice” too many times on a class full of two-year-old’s, and do you know how my class ended up by the end of the lesson? I bet you could guess. Twenty, rowdy, climbing on top of each other, non-listening toddlers. And how did that look for me? Yeah, like I didn’t know what I was doing!

So my point is this. Life is trial and error. There will be situations that come at you and you won’t know quite how to deal with them. Until you choose the right way to respond, you will be living in chaos. If you respond to a situation with anger, frustration, lack of patience, and fear … well … you might end up with a less than desired result. Sometimes I feel like we need to take our Heavenly Father’s example. Actually, not sometimes. We DO need to take heed of His example. He is always patient with us. His gentle, yet firm attitude towards us never ceases to amaze me. His never failing promises are always there. When we are not listening, He puts us on His lap and helps us to understand in a different way. This, my friends is how we need to act. Act out His love. When you simply do not understand, remember this: in God’s eyes, you were not meant to understand. But He allows us to understand just a glimpse of how we should and need to live our life. Some of the key elements are what were stated above: patience, mercy, kindness, and love. Teach others how you would want to be taught. Just as each child comes from a different family, lives a different style of life, learns on different levels, gets disciplined in a different way, or receives love in a different way, so also is how our Father sees us. We are all mere children needing attention, love, and nurturing.

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