You Are Not Your Thoughts – Part 2

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My ways.” This is the Lord’s declaration. Isaiah 55:8

 If we can come to an understanding that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, therefore, not putting ourselves any higher than we need to be, it will bring us to a state of humility. If we were created in His image, you might ask, then why can’t we have His thoughts? We were made in His likeness; He created us. We should have some idea of how He thinks! We do, my friends, we absolutely do. It may not be in the most direct, clearest way, but plenty of His thoughts and what He thinks about us is written in His very Word! He proclaims many declarations and promises, which we got the privilege to be born into. “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Ex. 14:14 “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Is. 40:29 “For I am the Lord Your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear; I will help you.” Is 41:13 These are just a few examples of God’s thoughtfulness and love towards us. He desires us to strive, do our best in all we do for His glory, and thinks holy and righteous thoughts. When Eve sinned, it caused all mankind to fall short of God’s glory. We became corrupted. We became not just in the world, but of the world. Our whole DNA became disoriented, in a way, including our thoughts. Because *we* allowed the enemy access to taint our perfect, holy, temple (body). Which is why we don’t have the full capability to know God’s thoughts. He is higher, and we are much lower. We should not need to know what He thinks… we only need to know and believe what He’s already said and proclaimed.

     So now I’m going to go back and answer to the best of my ability the questions that were proposed in my last blog post. Stay with me! The first question was, “How do we go through so many emotions at one time, and why must we endure through them?” I hope you’ve been able to ponder on this one. I’ll make a confession to say that I feel as though I am still pondering on this one. I feel like the answer is so simple, yet somehow boggles my mind. I believe the simple answer is over-complication, perseverance, and confusion. Out of these three there is only one trait that is of God, and that is perseverance. The over-complication and confusion comes from the enemy. So often do we complicate our thought process more than we need to! But it is not us who makes it complicated. The enemy comes in and twists our thoughts. “They twist my words all day long; all their thoughts against me are evil. They stir up strife, they lurk; they watch my steps while they wait to take my life. Will they escape in spite of such sin? God, bring down the nations in wrath” Ps. 56:5-7 So of course we know that God would not twist our thoughts. It’s the adversary, himself. After he complicates them, he portrays to our knowledge in such a deceitful way for us to believe what he’s shown as “true”, which then brings confusion to the table. We become confused, but somehow “comfortable” with those deceived thoughts, bringing us to a future state of depression, anxiety, loss, etc., because we allowed him to confuse and complicate our thought pattern, locking us in this “processing cage” where we can’t even escape from our own mind. We become stuck, unaware of what’s outside that “cage”. Does this make sense? I have literally talked to people who have been stuck in the same emotional place for years because they have unintentionally let the enemy consume their thoughts. A lot of times people just don’t know how to free themselves, or be released from the enemy’s hold on their mind. Which, in turn, this is where perseverance comes to take place. If we recognize the thoughts of the enemy, God will help us persevere through them to bring us to a place where we are supposed to be. I feel like we don’t realize truly how much power we give to the enemy when we let him consume our thoughts. It could be even the smallest thing like waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and saying, “Why do I have to look like this? My skin is disgusting, and I hate having to look at it everyday. It’s embarrassing”. Do you know that you are basically telling God that you were not made good enough, and that you should have been made better? These are the kind of thoughts that get to us, guys, and it is very easy to give in to those thoughts without realizing it. It therefore allows more negativity to consume your mind, which then eventually brings you to a place of complacency, which can be a dangerous thing in the spiritual realm.

     I feel like more often than not we are unaware just how vulnerable we are in the area where our mind and thoughts are concerned. If HaSatan is going to go after anything, in my experience and observation, he will go after your mind! Once he can get control of our mind and thoughts, it will be easy for him to grab our will and emotions also. It is so very important to learn how to guard your mind, my friends. Continue with me on this journey of learning how our thoughts are not our thoughts, how to resist those thoughts of the enemy, and how to guard your mind. I did not get to everything I wanted to write about in this post, but I feel that it was necessary to relay this information. I would keep writing, but I have to get ready to start the work day. 😉 Stay with me as we embark on this journey of our thoughts and mind. Please feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions. Have a blessed day!

You Are Not Your Thoughts – Part 1

Have you ever wondered why you get the emotions that you feel every day? Has it ever occurred to you how many emotions and feelings that you can feel each day? How come we can’t just feel happy one day, sad the next, and scared the following? Somehow all of these emotions can be mixed into one day. It’s almost like hearing the voice of God in one ear, and the voice of HaSatan (Satan) in the other at the same time. Perhaps there has been a time when you get frustrated at yourself for the way that you feel towards a certain person or situation. Well, that frustration is a feeling, too. So how do we go through so many emotions at one time, and why must we endure through them?

Let’s propose the same question about our thoughts. Why, on God’s green earth do we, humans, have to go through so many thoughts every single day? If you think about it (pun intended), it may be perhaps because we are human, we tend to second guess ourselves and the decisions we make. We also overthink too much. But here’s another question. Do you think that the thoughts we encounter each day can be our own thoughts? If they are not ours, whose could they be? God’s Word says, “Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life.” Proverbs 4:23 Stay tuned so that we can dive deeper into the “thought system”!


Here I am sitting here listening to a song called “Control” by Tenth Avenue North on repeat, and pondering how amazing it is that the King of Heaven wants me. Through all my failures, through all my mistakes, He still wants me. He doesn’t need me; I need Him! But He wants me. And guess what? He wants you also. Romans 5:8, “But God shows His love for us in that while we were sinners, Christ died for us.”

So what does it mean for the King of Heaven to want you? Well, I believe that we are all called for a purpose. Actually, that’s not just coming from me. It is written in Jeremiah 29 that we are all called according to His good purpose. So when we go through trials and hardships, a frequent question that gets asked is, “God, why me?” I believe that a common response from God that we don’t always hear is, “Well, because my love, I want you. I want you to be closer. I want you to grow stronger.” Sometimes we wonder why He puts us into situations that are so painful, only to realize that it is for His greater plan. We don’t always understand that “greater plan” in the moment. The way I see it, is that if we truly want to live to the fullest potential and be the best that we can be within His eyesight, we have to lay down all of who we are and all of what we feel. This song that’s been on my heart lately that I mentioned earlier talks about how we create plans only for them to shatter and break, and the things that we’ve hoped for fall right through our hands. Why do you think that is?

There are times in our life that we are so much in “control” of what’s going on. Too much control. So the things that you plan, the expectations that you create fall through because you should not be the one in control. Those trials come not to crush and hurt us, but to help us come to the recognition of how far we are supposed to go using our own strength. Sometimes God has to pull the reigns on us a little tighter than we are used to. This makes us uncomfortable. It gets us outside our comfort zone, allowing us to see who is really in control.

Next time you are going through a trial – even the smallest thing – think of how much the Father wants you. Think of how much He wants to draw you closer so that you can further His Kingdom in a more effective way. Think of the freedom that you will feel after you let go of yourself and release the feelings that you allow to overcome. Remember that you have value and worth. Remember that you are wanted by the Most High. He wants to use you for His greater purpose. Heed to His reigns, and be sensitive to His voice. We need Him so that we can make a difference; He wants us so we can complete the purpose of the calling. So now that I’ve listened to this song about a dozen times, let me share it with you! Be blessed!


Falling Into Place

     One of the reasons why I love Fall so much is because of it’s beauty. The time of year when you can take a country side drive and look at the breathtaking views of hills and valleys of vibrant, gorgeous trees. The time of season when the air turns crisp, and you make homemade pumpkin pie and eat lots of yummy food with family that you love. But, I believe the most of what I love about the season Fall is this: it reminds me of how lovely it can be to let the dead things go. Now, believe me. I have been through quite a lot over the past few years, and I can assure you it does not feel lovely to “let things go”. I would much rather hold on to things, people, or circumstances, because it is what my flesh feels most comfortable with. But like a tree has to let go of its leaves so that it can reproduce new leaves and fruit come Spring, there are times when we have to let go in order to gain new life. There is a season when we have to just let things fall into its place.

     We are imperfect human beings. We make mistakes, and mess up all the time! We also like to things to be a certain way, and we like to have schedules and make plans, etc. I am definitely a planner, and if things don’t go as planned, it bothers me. Is this how we should be? Let me propose to you that if we are supposed to be living by the Spirit, then we are to flow with the Spirit. If He says the door is not to open, then don’t force it to open. If He says you need to make a move, then proceed to walk forward being sensitive and open to what He’ll have you do or say. My point here is to relay that God is not a planner. He already knows every life event that will take place. He even knows your next thought, and your answer to every question before you speak. And sometimes in order for us to move forward in life, we have to let go of some things (the dead things, such as the past or perhaps the present), so we can gain “new life” and bear good, healthy, sweet fruit.

     Let go of the old, so He can bring the new. Perhaps you’ve asked God, “Why won’t you open this door?”, or, “I’m waiting for you to show me what to do next!” When in reality, God is waiting on you to do less talking and more listening. Perhaps this sounds harsh … hey, I’m just writing what I hear in the Spirit! We should always talk to God. But we should also always be listening. Most of the time we know if we are holding on to something. It just seems to bury itself deeper and deeper over time. The longer you let the old sit inside you, the longer it will take for “Spring” to come. Take this time to clean out your temple! Instead of dwelling on the old, bring it to the surface, and turn it into something beautiful. Look through the lens of how you got where you are today because of that past mistake, person, or place. Look at the beauty within, not the rotting decay. When you do bring it to the surface, and can learn to let it go, what will happen? Your life will begin to fall into its perfect place. He will breathe new life into you in that moment when you let go of the old and ask Him to release you into the new. It’s much easier to hang on to the comfort of the past. It’s harder to bring it to the surface and face the facts. He can’t show you what’s next if you can’t let go. Even when it doesn’t make sense; be obedient, and follow His lead. I can promise you that you will be where you need to be if you humbly let go of whatever is keeping you from reaching your fullest potential within the kingdom of God. There is a time and season for everything. Let this season be a time of release. Pray this prayer with me today:

Heavenly Father I pray that you will help me to find the things that are holding me back from You. I pray that my past will not affect my future in a negative way. You have promised me a life full of hope and prosperity (Jer. 29:11), and I know and believe in Your promises, God. Help me to let go of the old so that I can walk in the new. No matter what season, let me honor You and trust You with my life. I do trust you, God, that my life is falling into its perfect place. Amen. 

The Call

“As Jesus went on from there, He saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax office, and He said to Him, ‘Follow Me!’ So he got up and followed Him.” Matthew 9:9

I don’t know about you, but if someone came up to me and said, “Follow Me”, I’m not sure if I would know how to react! However, at this point in the time, people knew who Jesus (Yeshua) was. So obviously, He was not some ordinary man. Now in the chapters and verses before chapter nine, Yeshua was forgiving and healing the sick. If I had been there to witness all of what He did, I would have without a doubt gotten up to follow Him, as I’m sure you would, too! However, may I propose a question that is relevant for us today. If you were called to rise up and follow God in a way you would have never imagined possible, and you did not see with your own eyes miracles and wonders to confirm your belief, would you still follow? If the worst tragedy happened, would you still follow if you were called? The way this world has fallen has put us into a perception of that we have to see in order to believe. We have lost faith in each other, the laws and regulations, the government, and most importantly God. We have lost faith because we are the ones who have fallen short. We have allowed the enemy more access than he should have been granted.

In Matthew 9 verse 12 and 13 it says, “But when He heard this, He said, ‘Those who are well don’t need a doctor, but the sick do. Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy and not sacrifice. For I didn’t come to call the righteous, but sinners.’” For are we not all sinners? Yes, of course we are. But in Ephesians 2:8-9 it records, “For you are saved by grace through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is God’s gift – not from works, so that no one can boast.” So you already know that you have been saved by grace and Yeshua’s sacrifice. It doesn’t make us a perfect person, because we are still sinners. However, since we have the knowledge of the Creator, we are to have mercy on those who don’t, therefore giving what He has given us – unblemished, pure love. We are to share alll of His wonders and miracles, and being a light amidst the darkness. Yeshua sat with tax collectors and sinners, and the Pharisees were questioning His intentions. He did not come to save the righteous! He came to call the unrighteous. We are all made pure and righteous in His eyes. It is our job to be Yeshua’s disciples and with His help, call His people back to Him.

Will you rise up and take heed to the call? If you are called to follow and go a direction you didn’t intend to go, will you be obedient? Will you forgive easily and not be so quick to judge those who are just blinded by the enemy’s hold on them? I look at the world, and my heart breaks for those who just don’t know any better. They have been raised a certain way of how to live life. Their perception on how to live, what to say, who to be friends with, etc. becomes a big lie in the end, which a lot of times can result in depression and even suicide. This is why it is so important to follow “the call”. What do you feel God is calling you to do? Who are you supposed to talk to today to brighten their day or send a word of encouragement? How will you rise above the world’s standards in a holy, set apart way? Am I saying to force the light of Yeshua down people’s throats? Of course not! Let His light be drawn to them. Simply make an impression of love, kindness, and mercy. Let there be no spirit of fear. But, rather, a spirit of love and sound mind so that we can rise up to His call! Blessings, my friends!